Bye Nana
Date: 19/05/2015
Mood: Sad
Rip Nana :_(


Nana's obituary

Been a fun couple of weeks. Had a wedding, a death and a funeral in over three Fridays.

With regards my goals for the year:
  • Still on track for the weight goal (4.4Kg lost to the start of May).

  • Still off the Coke

  • Facial hair is still under control (the hair on my head not so much)

  • I'm now walking home three times a week

  • I have run the Tan in 26.45. I now trying to do Albert Park lake in under 31 minutes (it is about 1km longer than the Tan). My first attempt was 33 minutes.

The rest are still a work in progress.
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Sports - Balmain Tigers Last Senior Game - Ball-up