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Fitness First
Wow I am so glad I don't to this gym! Unfortunately Liz can't claim the same :(

Liz was going to the Bankstown branch of the chain but when she moved in with me at Glebe, she wanted to cancel, as there isn't a Fitness First near here.

She rang them up and got told that all she had to do was go into the branch and pay $150 (for getting out of her contract 4 to 6 months early) and everything would be fixed up.

Well we went there today with the $150 but now they want to charge her for all of February as well (even thought we went to cancel on the 3rd of January!). I'm not sure why it takes them eight weeks to cancel her membership (I would expect that in 1904, not 2004 when everything is run from computers!)

Anyway, I got there and pointed out to the guy at the counter that if they are charging her for February then her contract would have been up in only three months (it ends in May) and therefore she should only be charged $100 (1 to 3 months early) to cancel her contract. Well the guy looked at like me I was speaking another language and could only answer with "that’s what the computer says".

Looks like we will have to go back sometime during the week as there wasn't anyone with any intelligence there (we asked for someone with an idea how to sort this out but he still wasn't much help - maybe we were getting in his way while playing Uno!)

It's also nice that Fitness First don't have their terms and conditions online for people to look at! Maybe if they knew they were getting stuck with an eight week cancelling period they might re-think joining!

Anyway, a big fsck you to Fitness First (join Balmain gym instead, they are much better :D)