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The Iprimus helpdesk idiot!!
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This page is dedicated to the people that have pissed me off on any given day. Its called five yards after the TISM song of the same name (the lyrics can be found here), anyway enjoy my rants against people and hopefully you won't fall into any of these categories!!
The Iprimus helpdesk idiot!!
I really can't explain how annoyed I am with this guy. He gets there and confidently tells me that the problem is with TCP/IP, and that I should re-install it and it will be fine!
Bzzztt - Wrong answer
I re-installed the operating system only to find that the same thing happens (and then logged into my Windows 98 partition to again have the same problem - why I didn't I test it earlier on this partition? Well I sorta forgot that it existed on this computer as I use it solely for scanning (damn Win 98 scanner!!)).
Now I have to go about re-setting up all my programs and settings (which is going to take another day to do due to the amount of stuff that I use!!)
The only good thing is that it now loads up 50% faster than before but I think I will be able to slow it down again once I'm finished :P