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People who stand in the middle of the doors while people are trying to get off
Five Yards
This page is dedicated to the people that have pissed me off on any given day. Its called five yards after the TISM song of the same name (the lyrics can be found here), anyway enjoy my rants against people and hopefully you won't fall into any of these categories!!
I need to get a tshirt printed up that has 'keep left' on it (preferably with the sign as well!)

I don't understand why people will work on the right hand sign even when they have lines on the ground and little images there to help show which side to walk on (from King St to Prymont Bridge and across Anzac Bridge as two examples)

The sad thing is these people see me coming along on my bike and don't think to move back on the otherside (they assume I will - stupid idiots!!) Me with the bike would be about 110kg - I'm sure most people will come off second best!

I have resorted to braking right in front of these people (yay for disc brakes!) and reminding them to keep left (in true Steve style :D)