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Five Yards
This page is dedicated to the people that have pissed me off on any given day. Its called five yards after the TISM song of the same name (the lyrics can be found here), anyway enjoy my rants against people and hopefully you won't fall into any of these categories!!
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I know this is Coll's sight but I believe this deserves a five yards. I'm in Melbourne and am currently driving a friend (Nathan, he's in the images) to and from work as he has a broken leg. Now to do this I have to use the citylink (or shitty link) as it takes only 15 minutes as apposed to 45. the problem is that I bought an etag to save money, but the way that it works is that you are charged by trips. Now, to take Nathan into the city, go home, and then return to pick him up, it counts as four $3.30 trips a day. Ha ha I think. Day passes only cost $9.10, but the bastards at transurban travel have devised a scheme that you can only by 12 day passes in a 12 month period. 8 of which I have already used prior to purchasing an etag. Well that's my gripe. Thanks for reading. Steve C