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This page is dedicated to the people that have pissed me off on any given day. Its called five yards after the TISM song of the same name (the lyrics can be found here), anyway enjoy my rants against people and hopefully you won't fall into any of these categories!!
Record Industry
Yay the record industry is at it again - after hearing the song "Hello hello" by The Cat Empire I thought I would buy the album.

I brought the album and went to rip it onto my computer only to find that there was some copy protection on the CD to stop me.

Well round one did go to the Record Industry as when I tried to rip it with iTunes most of the songs wouldn't come across.

But not to be outdone, I decided to make a copy of the CD with Nero and I told it to ignore any errors. I then went and re-ripped the new CD and it worked perfectly!! Round two to me!! :D

This means whatever the Record Industry paid the people make the "copy protection" is a complete waste as I could get around it without must hassle (and if I was really a "pirate", then it would mean that all songs would be on the net and spreading now - which they may be but I haven't checked)

I still had round three up my sleeve, which was just to put the CD in the DVD player and sent the audio out to my computer and record it there - and there is no amount of protection that can stop this!! (besides making the CD have no sound - which I sure they would consider :P)

I wish the Record Industry would stop considering all of us as criminals and stop wasting money on dumb copy protection methods. Maybe the money they saved on trying these methods could be returned to us in the form of lower prices and as an added bonus there might be less piracy (arrrrr matey :P)

That is all thank you