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This page is dedicated to the people that have pissed me off on any given day. Its called five yards after the TISM song of the same name (the lyrics can be found here), anyway enjoy my rants against people and hopefully you won't fall into any of these categories!!
Westpac gets my vote for fuckwit of this week!

I got a credit card with them years ago (when I was in Melbourne and could take advantage of Bank of Melbournes Saturday business hours - if only all Westpac branches did this!)

I have it set to a low limit to try and help stop any possible problems if it fell into the wrong hands (OK - my hands in a DVD shop :P) even though they have offered to up the limit many a time.

Anyway, recently I have put a bit on my card (thanks to the dental work!) and I went over this limit. Now I expected the card to stop working when I hit my limit but NO! They have allowed me to charge extra money to the card and authorised it without my consent. Then they have charged me $25 for them not following the limit!! I fail to see how I am responsible when I ask for a limit and it isn't followed - thankfully it wasn't stolen as I'm sure they would be happy to add much more to it.

I would have much rather they rejected any attempts to use the card once I had hit the limit (and they could quite easy calculate it as 99.95% of all transactions I make are electronic! I could understand if a few of the transactions came in through the paper method but they all were electronic). If it was rejected then I could organise a different way of paying those people - its my problem not theirs.

Now Westpac have charged me for them "being nice" (I'm sure thats how they would explain it to me) plus they are then going to hit me up for the interest. Yay \o/. Luckily because of this (and their dodgy interest counting method - if I have paid it off, you can't charge me interest for it!!!) they will lose me as a customer (and hopefully any customers who read this!)